4 slices of bread, 4 slices of cheese, 8 slices of sliced ham, 4 eggs, 0.5T sugar, some salt, 60ml milk, some butter, some olive oil

[Cooking order]
1. Cut the bread into quarters and make a pocket in the middle.

2. Cut the ham and cheese into the same size as the bread.

3. Put the ham and cheese in the pocket of the bread.

4. Make egg water and sieve it through a sieve.

5. Add sugar, salt and milk to egg water and mix well.

6. Dip the bread in egg water and bake over low heat.

7. Finally add butter and bake.

1. Use thick bread.
2. Bake all sides of the bread evenly over low heat.
3. Butter is used last.

How to make French Toast Pocket with ham and cheese | Olive’s Cooking