The ingredients are simple, and the way to make it is really simple! We made Chikuwa dishes that you can enjoy deliciously as a side dish or snack.
Crispy and savory “Chikuwa Cheese Skewers”, Chewy “Chikuwa Roll Skewers”, and sweet and spicy “Chikuwa Tteok-kkochi”
Enjoy a simple and delicious “Chikuware Recipe”

[Chikuwa Cheese Ingredients]
3 chikuwa, 5 stick cheese, flour 50ml, water 50ml, some breadcrumbs

[Cooking order for Chikuwa Cheese]
1. Put the cheese on the chikuwa, cut it into thirds, and put it on a skewer

2. Dip in melted flour and breadcrumbs and bake over medium heat

3. Enjoy Chikuwa Cheese Skewers

[Chikuwa Roll Ingredients]
6 chikuwa, a little mayonnaise, a little parsley

[Cooking order for Chikuwa Roll]
1. Cut the chikuwa in half, roll them up and put them on skewers 3 each

2. Spread mayonnaise and bake over low heat

3. Sprinkle with parsley and enjoy Chikuwa Roll Skewers

[Chikuwa Tteok-kkochi Ingredients]
4 chikuwa, 300g tteokbokki rice cake

[Sauce ingredients]
2T kochujang, 1T oligosaccharide, a little pepper, a little sesame oil, 1t plum syrup, 1t low-sodium soy sauce

[Cooking order for Chikuwa Tteok-kkochi]
1. Cut the chikuwa into quarters, roll it up and put the rice cake and chikuwa in it

2. Make sauce

3. Spread the sauce and cook over low heat

4. Enjoy Chikuwa Tteok-kkochi

1. When making Chikuwa Tteok-kkochi, put the rice cakes at the beginning and end so that the chikuwa does not come loose.

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