If you make a very simple sweet and sour sauce, you can make delicious dumplings that everyone can enjoy as a side dish or snack using frozen dumplings.
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1/2 onion, 1 bell pepper, 1/3 paprika (yellow), 1/3 paprika (red), 25 frozen dumplings

[Sauce Ingredients]
150ml water, 1T soy sauce, 3T ketchup, 3T vinegar, 1T oligosaccharide, 2T sugar

[Starch water]
1T starch, 2T water

[Cooking order]
1. Cut the onion, bell pepper and paprika into bite-size pieces

2. Put oil in a frying pan and bake the frozen dumplings

3. Add a little olive oil and stir-fry the chopped vegetables

4. Add the sauce ingredients to the stir-fried vegetables and bring to a boil

5. Adjust the viscosity with starch water

6. Pour the sauce over the baked dumplings to finish

1. You can enjoy the crunchy taste by lightly stir-frying the vegetables.

The BEST Korean Sweet & Sour Dumplings Tangsuyuk | Sauce Recipe
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