Easy Japchae Recipe | Korean Glass Noodles

Easy Japchae  Recipe | Korean Glass Noodles

Making super-simple japchae made with mung bean sprouts The ingredients are simple and so easy to make. #Japchae #GlassNoodles #KoreanGlassNoodles [Japchae ingredients (Serves 4)] 200g vermicelli 400g mung bean sprouts some leek some carrots a pinch of salt 1T sesame oil 1T sugar some pepper some sesame [Kelp broth ingredients] 200ml water 2 pieces of kelp [Sauce ingredients] 5T soy sauce 2T olive oil 2T oligosaccharide 2T sesame oil [Cooking order] 1. Thinly slice the carrots and cut the leek into 3cm lengths. 2. Boil the kelp in water, remove the kelp, and blanch the mung bean sprouts for 3 minutes with a little salt. 3. Add the leek and