Have you ever eaten blanched lettuce?
Blanch the lettuce and season with the yangnyeom to enjoy a delicious lettuce salad (Korean Sangchu Muchim).

2 lettuce (340g), A little salt, a little sesame

[Sauce ingredients]
1.5T red pepper paste, 0.5T oligosaccharide, 0.5T garlic, some small green onion, 1T vinegar, a little sesame oil

[Cooking order]
1. Add salt to boiling water and lightly blanch the lettuce

2. Rinse twice in cold water and squeeze out the water

3. Cut the lettuce into bite-sized pieces

4. Make sauce with the sauce ingredients

5. Mix well with the sauce and the cut lettuce

1. If you do not squeeze out the water thoroughly after blanching the lettuce, the sauce will become bland when making a salad.

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