A winter delicacy, the more you eat, the more you become addicted to spicy oden
The spicy fish cake taste is amazing!
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[Skewers Ingredients]
6 square oden
2 chikuwa
12 mini oden
small green onion
500ml broth

[Broth Ingredients]
1.5L water
12 anchovies for soup
1 green onion
a little radish
2 pieces of kelp

[Seasoning Sauce Ingredients]
1T soy sauce
1T kochujang
1T red pepper powder
1T oligosaccharide
1t minced garlic
a little pepper

[Cooking order]
1. Add the broth ingredients and when the water starts to boil, remove the kelp and boil over low heat for another 10 minutes to make the broth

2. Making chikuwa skewers

3. Making oden skewers

4. Making mini oden skewers

5. Add the seasoning sauce ingredients and make the sauce

6. Add 500ml of broth and 2 tablespoons of seasoning sauce and mix well. When the broth boils, add skewers

7. Pour the broth over the skewers so that the seasoning is well absorbed

8. Dip the leftover seasoning sauce on skewers and cook

9. When the skewers are turned over and cooked, sprinkle with small green onion to complete the spicy oden

1. Rinse in warm water to soften the oden.

Hot and Spicy Oden Recipe | Korean Street Food
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