Best Instagram Kimbap recipe for cost-effectiveness
It’s easy to make and delicious!
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8 eggs
1/2 carrot
1 bell pepper
8 slices of ham
a little salt
a little pepper
3 sheets of seaweed
3 servings of rice
a little sesame oil
a little olive oil
a little mustard mayonnaise

[Cooking order]
1. Finely chop carrots, bell peppers and sliced ham

2. Add the chopped ingredients, salt and pepper to the egg and mix

3. Pour egg water into a preheated pan and cook over low heat without burning it to make egg rolls

4. When the egg rolls are hot, roll them up and set aside for a while

5. Add sesame oil and salt to the rice and mix

6. Place egg rolls and mustard mayonnaise on the seaweed and roll it up

1. When the egg rolls are hot, roll them and hold the shape, so that the kimbap is well rolled

Simple and delicious Rolled Egg Kimbap Recipe | Popular Instagram menu
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