[Ingredients for Kimbap]
5 sheets of seaweed, 3 servings of rice, 5 pickled radish, simmered kanpyo, pickled cucumber, stir-fried carrots, 90g crab meat, sliced eggs

[Cucumber Pickling]
1.5 cucumbers, 0.5t salt, 1T sugar, 2T vinegar

[Kanpyo Simmering]
400ml water, 4T soy sauce, 2T sweet sake, 3T oligosaccharide, 40g kanpyo, a little sesame oil

[Cooking order]
1. Boil the blanched kanpyo until the broth disappears, then add sesame oil

2. Marinate the sliced cucumbers for about 7 minutes and squeeze out the water

3. Slice the carrots and stir-fry until soft

4. After making fried egg, let it cool and then slice thinly

5. Add sesame oil, salt, and sesame to the rice and mix well

6. Add ingredients for kimbap and roll up

7. Brush kimbap with sesame oil and cut into bite-size pieces

1. Soak kanpyo in water, blanch once, and then boil.
2. Squeeze the water out of the cucumber.

How to make Korean Kimbap / Kanpyo Norimaki | Olive’s Cooking
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