I made fragrant and spicy perilla leaf kimchi that stimulates the taste buds on a hot summer day.
We are unveiling a seasoning sauce where you can enjoy perilla leaf kimchi properly.
Easy to make too! It can be eaten immediately without aging, making it the best side dish.

50 perilla leaves

[Sauce ingredients]
100ml bottled water, 120ml low-salt soy sauce, 1T canary fish sauce, 1T plum syrup, 1T chopped garlic, 1.5T red pepper powder, 2 green peppers, 2 red peppers
some small green onions, 1T oligosaccharide, 1T sesame oil, some sesame

[Cooking order]
1. Cut red and green peppers in half, remove seeds and chop finely

2. Chop small green onions

3. Make a sauce with sauce ingredients

4. Spread the perilla leaves one at a time and spread the sauce

1. If you change the direction of perilla leaves every 5 and apply sauce, it is easy to stack perilla leaves and eat them later.

How to make Korean Perilla Leaf Kimchi | Olive’s Cooking
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