I made spicy and crunchy bean sprouts bulgogi.
The highlight of Kongbul is fried rice! If you stir-fry it with perilla oil and sprinkle seaweed on it, it is absolutely delicious.

[Bean Sprouts Bulgogi Ingredients]
300g pork, 200g bean sprouts, 1/2 onion, 1/3 carrot, 10 perilla leaves, sesame

[Yangnyeom ingredients]
1T sweet sake, pepper, 1 green onion, 1T garlic, 2T soy sauce, 1.5T red pepper powder, 1.5T oligosaccharide, 3T kochujang, sesame oil

[Fried rice ingredients]
2 servings of rice, perilla oil, seaweed, sesame

[Cooking order]
1. Chop onion, carrot, green onion and perilla leaves

2. Mix the pork with onions, carrots, green onions, and yangnyeom

3. stir-fry without oil in a preheated pan

4. When the meat is almost cooked, add bean sprouts and stir-fry

5. When the bean sprouts are soft, add perilla leaves and stir-fry lightly

6. After stir-frying, sprinkle with sesame and eat the meat first

7. Add the remaining broth and rice and stir-fry until there is no broth

8. Add plenty of perilla oil and stir-fry, then sprinkle with seaweed and sesame to complete fried rice

1. If the bean sprouts are added, water will be formed, so if it is bland, you can add salt and kochujang.

How to make Kongbul / Kongnamul Bulgogi / Bean Sprouts Beef | Olive’s Cooking
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