I applied fried tofu sushi and put fried tofu in little kimbap.
If you add fried tofu, you can enjoy a more delicious little kimbap.

6 sheets of seaweed
3 servings of rice
some pickled radish
2 carrots (small)
10 pieces of fried tofu
a little sesame oil
a little grilled salt
some sesame

[Cooking order]
1. Cut pickled radish into small kimbap-sized pieces.

2. Squeeze the water out of the fried tofu and chop it finely.

3. Slice carrots and fry in sesame oil. When almost cooked, season with salt.

4. Add sesame oil and salt to the rice and mix well.

5. Put rice, pickled radish, tofu, and carrots on top of the seaweed cut into quarters and roll up.

6. Drizzle with sesame oil and sprinkle with sesame.

1. Be careful as the kimbap may tear if the fried tofu is too wet.

How to make Fried Tofu Kimbap | Fried Tofu Recipe / Kimbap Recipe
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