A super simple cucumber salad that revives your taste buds in summer
Enjoy with sweet and sour mustard sauce
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[Cucumber Salad (2 servings) Ingredients]
1 cucumber
6 cherry tomatoes
100g shrimp (medium)
a little salt
a little sesame

[Mustard sauce Ingredients]
1t mustard
1t minced garlic
1T plum extract
2T vinegar
1T oligosaccharide
0.5T soy sauce

[Cooking order]
1. Slice cucumber thickly and marinate with a little salt for 5 minutes.

2. Cut cherry tomatoes in half.

3. Blanch shrimp in boiling water, then add ice to cool.

4. Drain the pickled cucumbers.

5. Make mustard sauce.

6. Mix cucumber and shrimp in mustard sauce.

7. Cucumber salad is completed by adding cherry tomatoes later, and then adding sesame seeds.

1. Thicker slices of cucumber have a better texture
2. Blanch the shrimp for a short time.


Easy Cucumber Salad with Mustard sauce
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