[Ingredients for Korean Lettuce Salad]
120g lettuce, 40g Mitsuba, 1 cucumber

[Ingredients for Salad sauce]
2T soy sauce, 2T plum syrup, 1T garlic, 1t red pepper powder, some chopped chives, 1T vinegar, 1t sesame oil, some sesame, 1t oligosaccharide

[Cooking order]
1. Add a little vinegar to the Mitsuba and rinse, then use only the leaf part.

2. Tear lettuce by hand, not with a knife.

3. Finely chop the chives for salad sauce.

4. Add the ingredients for salad sauce and make the salad sauce.

5. Put lettuce and Mitsuba in a bowl, pour in the salad sauce, and mix well.

6. Slice the cucumber thinly and place on a plate.

7. Place the lettuce salad on a plate.

1. Wash the Mitsuba thoroughly, and add a little vinegar when rinsing for the last time.
2. Do not cook lettuce salad in advance, but right before eating.

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