Crisp, clean and delicious kkakdugi! Adding sweet potatoes makes it even more delicious.
Even beginners can make it easily.

[Kkakdugi ingredients]
1 radish (1400g), 1 sweet potato (600g), 2T sea salt, 12 small green onion

[Yangnyeom ingredients]
1 onion, 1/4 pear, 7g ginger, 2.5T minced garlic, 4T glutinous rice paste, 3T plum syrup, 3T canary fish sauce, 1T salted shrimp, 7T red pepper powder, 1T sugar

[Ingredients for glutinous rice paste]
100ml water, 1T glutinous rice flour

[Cooking order]
1. Make glutinous rice paste

2. Cut radish into bite-size pieces

3. Dice the sweet potato and soak it in water to remove the starch

4. Marinate radish and sweet potato in salt for 30 minutes (turn over once in the middle and drain after marinating)

5. Put onion, pear, ginger, minced garlic, glutinous rice paste, plum syrup, canary fish sauce, and shrimp sauce in a blender

6. Add red pepper powder to the ground yangnyeom in a blender and leave for 5 minutes to make the yangnyeom

7. Cut small green onion into 2cm lengths

8. Mix pickled radish and pickled sweet potato with yangnyeom and small green onion

9. Add red pepper powder and sugar while watching the taste and color

10. Ferment at room temperature for 1-2 days and store in the refrigerator

1. Do not add red pepper powder all at once, but add it according to taste and color and add sugar according to your taste.

How to make Kkakdugi with sweet potato | Kkakdugi Kimchi
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