I put tteokgalbi in kimbap, which is delicious to eat as it is, and it tastes even better.
You can enjoy a different taste by changing the ingredients of kimbap a little.

[Tteokgalbi Ingredients]
600g minced beef
1/2 tofu (175g)
1/2 green onion
6T low-salt soy sauce
1T sake
1T sweet sake
1T minced garlic
3T oligosaccharide
1T sesame oil
1T starch
a little pepper
a little sesame

[Kimbap Ingredients]
5 cups of rice
10 sheets of seaweed
2 carrots
some spinach
5 eggs
6 crab meat
1 pickled radish
a little olive oil
a little salt
a little sesame oil
a little sesame

[Cooking order]
1. Make tteokgalbi seasoning with tteokgalbi ingredients

2. Squeeze the water out of the tofu

3. Add tofu and seasoning to meat and mix

4. Add starch, mix well, and set aside for a while

5. Add salt to eggs and spread the eggs thickly and cook them

6. Add salt and stir-fry carrots

7. Add salt, sesame oil and sesame to the blanched spinach and mix

8. Grill the meat in a preheated pan

9. Cut the cooled Tteokgalbi and fried-egg into appropriate sizes

10. Add salt and sesame oil to the rice and mix well

11. Put the prepared ingredients and roll up the kimbap

1. You can enjoy soft tteokgalbi by adding tofu.
2. If you add starch, it will become sticky and you can hold the shape of tteokgalbi well.

How to make Tteokgalbi Kimbap | Kimbap Recipe